About Us:

Ihcas is a halal certification and consultancy company deeply dedicated to providing top-notch services to many companies who wish to market themselves as halal companies throughout the world. We have offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan.

What Do We Do?

Muslim population exists everywhere in the world both majorly and minorly. In major areas, eating food is not a serious problem, however, in areas where Muslims are present in a minor number. There may be a problem.

Both residents and tourists have to be careful about eating food in areas where halal food can not easily be found. They either have to cook the food themselves or get it from stores that sell Halal food, which by the way, is a challenge.

So what is the possible solution for countries where Muslim visitors are abundant even though the country itself has Muslims residing as a minority?

Well! To keep your business running, we recommend your company goes Halal. The transformation does not make much of a difference to your procedures, but it allows you to make a few adjustments which can bring about a positive change in your business. It will allow your business to flourish and get more people to come and purchase things from you.

How We Do It?

At Halal Food expert, we take you through a number of steps before you are finally ready to be halal food suppliers in the areas where you wish to be.

First of all, we give you consultation and knowledge about Halal food under our friendly and highly experienced staff and just how you will make your company compliant enough to follow the halal food requirements given by Shariah Law. We deeply educate you on the various steps involved in the entire process.

With the help of our specially talented and intelligent staff, we help you smoothly pass through the process of certification before you can finally be known as a halal company. A halal certification is extremely important to be officially known as halal food providers in any region of the world, following that region’s guidelines.

We also offer our customers comprehensive training programs needed to stay in the ever-growing market of halal foods. Having the right amount of information can save you from a lot of headaches in the future and also help you follow the guidelines properly.

To ensure that your business is compliant with the halal food standards as well as a Sharia law, a series of audits are taken. Our company allows you to smoothly pass through those processes without any problems and get your halal food certification so that your business can flourish in the area you are targeting.

So if you are looking forward to being the best halal food company in an area, you should hire us to get the best services because we truly are the best at it. Moreover, our staff is also very cooperative and friendly and will guide you towards every process with great responsibility and attention.

How Did We Start?

Halal Food Expert was started by us as a hobby which later turned into a purpose, and hence we became one of the top-notch companies which allow you to be certified for halal food.

We targeted areas where Halal food was not found in scarcity; meanwhile, the population of Muslims or the number of Muslim visitors was high, like Seol, Tokyo and other countries worldwide.

This allowed us to gain a reputable name among food companies, and much to our surprise, food establishment companies, were interested in approaching us to help them grow their market by becoming certified as Halal companies in areas of the world where halal food was needed in abundance.

This led us to be further motivated towards our mission, and we started to provide top-notch and unmatchable halal food services from a few places all over the world.

In today’s era, we train companies, give them consultation services, training, meeting the requirements, and making sure that the workers gain enough knowledge about Halal food before they are certified for Halal.

Due to our efforts, there are many companies with a Halal tag in their logos now. Something which has allowed them to expand their business from small to well established and famous one in any area of the world.

Our services are not only for the convenience in society, for allowing companies to flourish, to allow people to buy the things they love in Halal form. But to promote a way of eating food, which is suitable for all. In this way, not only are we helping you as a company but also the community in your area, to grow.

Our Mission

Our mission at Halal expert is to introduce a halal way of food eating and present as many companies as halal companies so that not only the companies but also the society is benefited.

It is our mission to provide convenience to the Muslim population regarding food. We want to make halal food as common and readily available to all the halal food eaters everywhere.

In the past years, we have successfully achieved our mission because more and more companies are contacting us for becoming halal food purchasers.

This not only adds as a plus point to the name of those countries but has also helped us become one of the best halal food services companies throughout the world.

If you are a company that is looking forward to registering and marketing themselves as halal, then contacting Ihcas is the first thing you should do because we provide the best services needed for a company to register themselves as a Halal food supplier in any area of the world.

You can contact us by emailing or calling us today in order to get the best services for halal food registration. We will help you through each and every step of the process until you’re finally known as a  halal food company.

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OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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